X Automation supplies SRO plants to the supply and process industry

What is an SRO plant?

SRO stands for Control, Regulation and Monitoring and is thus the term for the software used to be able to monitor and collect data that is used, among other things, to regulate and adapt production at various types of process plants. X Automation supplies SRO plants to various industries in the process industry.
An SRO system is based on data collection, reporting and visualization thereof. We of course help both with the design and implementation of your SRO system, as well as service and support afterwards.

There can be many different devices associated with an SRO system.


SRO systems for water plants


SRO systems for district heating and combined heat and power plants


SRO systems for biogas plants


SRO systems for industri plants

The purpose of integrating an SRO system is to achieve optimal monitoring of your production plant, so that you can regulate and optimize the plant continuously in operation. It will provide a better overview and ultimately guarantee you better operation and security of supply.

X Automation builds SRO systems with hardware from recognized brands, thereby ensuring service and spare parts throughout the plants lifetime.

We use open software systems so that the customer can update, expand and continuously have the system maintained regardless of the choice of supplier.

In addition, we program the SRO system with well-proven standard blocks and associated SCADA templates, which have always been thoroughly tested together.

The individual project is always adapted to the customer’s application, but the cornerstone is always software that has been standardized and thoroughly tested.


There is service at our SRO system 24 hours a day.