We work with automation in many industries in the supply industry

Ensuring optimal operation and reliable data

We work with a number of different industries within the supply and process industry, including Water, Energy, Biogas and Industry. Common to them all is that stopping production in connection with the execution of tasks is costly and in some cases not an option at all. We have a great understanding of the operation and we therefore specialize in carrying out all projects without a break in production.

We have worked with the industries in the process industry for over 30 years, and we know the importance of production always running and adapted to consumer needs. We therefore focus on the fact that our automation solutions must always guarantee you safety and reliability for many years into the future.

Together with our customers, we work from an approach that is effective and direct – and the method is always tried and tested in reality.


Water plants


CHP plants and district heating plant


Biogas plants


Industrial plants

X Automation is young but our history is long

We take pride in making the collaboration uncomplicated - but we have insight and understanding of our customers' complex solutions and facilities that need to be optimized. We are working the direct way into the case.

We specialize in the design and implementation of SRO. Integration of an SRO system ensures optimal monitoring and optimization of your production facilities.

With us, we must follow our customers' development and talk directly together at a high level - it gives momentum and a great drive

Allan Skadhauge Jensen, Project Engineer

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