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Automatic control and regulation for biogas plants in Denmark and abroad

There is no doubt that biogas will only become a larger and larger part of the energy supply in the future. We therefore have a strong focus on being able to deliver some of the market’s best automation solutions for biogas production. We have helped both new biogas plants and existing plants with automation and implementation of SRO solutions, so that their production of biogas is always operational reliable.

With a well-developed solution for automating your biogas plant, you can sleep safely at night – because your plant is both reliable and self-regulating. We adapt and design our SRO solutions to suit each individual customer – always with a focus on data availability and user-friendliness, so that it is as easy for you to use as possible – and should any questions arise, our hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As an SRO supplier, we often act as an advisor when buying new plant parts. We help define the interfaces so that you as a customer get it all integrated into one system.

A lot is happening in the way biomass is handled, and this makes it important to be able to work with different machine suppliers to get it integrated into the SRO.

Kristian Knøsgaard Frank, Project Engineer

More than 30 years of experience
SRO for biogas plants
Specialists in automation for biogas plants

SRO solutions for biogas plants

We typically supply SRO plants to the biogas industry. SRO stands for Control, Regulation and Monitoring, and is the term for the software used to be able to control, regulate and monitor different types of process plants.

An SRO system is based on data collection, reporting and visualization thereof. Of course, we help both with the implementation of your SRO system and service and support afterwards. Read about SRO here.

Our team and experience is as always

- but the name is new. With us you will meet a team of dedicated professionals who have worked together for many years. We have developed and worked with biogas automation projects since 2005. This applies to both turnkey projects where new plants are designed and built from scratch, but also large conversion projects that have given existing biogas plants a renovation to a greater or lesser extent - and often with the plant in operation during the entire conversion. It has provided valuable insight and experience in the field of biogas.

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