Complex systems and processes within automation requires uncomplicated and direct cooperation at eye level

The direct path to your efficiency

You must have competent advice – and we build our knowledge on many years of stable customer relationships, 30 years of experience and delivery of automation solutions to customers in the industries Water, Energy, Biogas and Industry.



Water plants


CHP plants and district heating plant


Biogas plants


Industrial plants

We work the direct way to the heart of the matter – to good solutions and to good cooperation and we take pride in making the cooperation uncomplicated. With us, the direct route means that you can always call the specialist and your regular contact person directly.

We have insight and understanding of our customers’ complex solutions and systems that need to be optimized and we work to make the complex as simple and user-friendly as possible. It is always the way to create value for our customers that is in focus at X Automation

We are X Automation

When we thrive and evolve, we deliver the best results. This applies when we are interested in how our customers are doing and when we can share knowledge and learn from each other. With us, we must follow and talk directly with our customers at a high level - it requires eye level and a direct path.

Our customers emphasize that we are straightforward and uncomplicated in our approach to the tasks. That we listen to each other and work with tailor-made solutions.

Kent Hastrup Jensen - CEO

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